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Season 2 Episode 1 - Moving into a post serverless era with Jeremy Daly

Episode Summary

The serverless community loves talking about serverless. Despite the amazing innovations happening all around us, we still talk about cold starts and scalability like they are new. But what if we didn’t? What would it take to get to a post-serverless era? What does post-serverless even mean? Join Jeremy Daly and Allen Helton as they discuss what the future holds for serverless and how the game needs to change in order for us to build software faster and better than ever before.

About Jeremy

Jeremy is a senior technology leader with more than 25 years of experience managing the development of complex web and mobile applications for domestic and international businesses. Currently, he is the CEO at Ampt and an AWS Serverless Hero. He writes extensively about serverless on his blog and publishes a weekly newsletter about all things serverless called Off-by-none. Jeremy has a soft spot for helping people solve problems using serverless and frequently works with companies and individuals transitioning away from the traditional “server-full” approach. You can find him chatting about serverless on X, in several forums and Slack groups, and at conferences around the world.

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