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Season 1 Episode 8 - Which Is Better, SAM or CDK With Matt Martz

Episode Summary

We have plenty of tools that build Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in the cloud. But today, we’re zeroing in on two powerhouses: SAM and CDK. Allen, a passionate SAM supporter, goes head-to-head with Matt Martz, a CDK enthusiast, as they share their preferred IaC methods. Dive into the world of CDK constructs versus SAM macros, explore the portability of templates in YAML versus code, and uncover the hidden gems of missing features. Can we finally settle the great SAM vs. CDK debate? Tune in and join the excitement to find out!

About Matt

Meet Matt, a Principal Engineer at PowerSchool who is passionate about enabling teams to adopt a serverless-first, event-driven architecture philosophy. He is an AWS Community Builder since 2020 and has extensive expertise in CDK, Serverless, and EDA, which he shares through his blog’s advanced technical content.

Matt manages an inner-source CDK Construct Library, driving innovation and fostering a collaborative environment at PowerSchool. His innovative approach to serverless architectures has helped several teams streamline their processes, reduce costs, and improve their overall efficiency.

In his free time, Matt enjoys cold brew coffee, camping with his daughter, and spending time with his family.

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