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Season 1 Episode 7 - Build Fast, Not Reckless With Boris And Thomas

Episode Summary

Everybody wants to go fast. But is it safe? In this episode, Allen talks with Boris Tane and Thomas Ankcorn from Baselime about how they build software at breakneck speed while maintaining a sense of responsibility. They discuss some of the best and worst moments of deploying code on a Friday, how they’ve structured their CI/CD pipelines, and what other companies need to do to be as agile as they are. Join in for this enlightening episode that shows us where to put our energy to build the right thing.

About Boris

Boris is the founder and CEO of Baselime, an observability platform for serverless applications. He graduated with a degree in Physics and Aerospace Engineering and worked on back-end systems and infrastructure at multiple startups. During these years, he was drawn to cloud-native and serverless technologies and always ended up being the guardian of the logging and monitoring systems in the teams he joined.

As founder and CEO of Baselime, he’s applying his years of experience to introduce engineering teams to Observability as Code, so they discover bugs before their users do. Boris is active on Twitter and is building a team of talented professionals excited about the future of cloud computing.

About Thomas

Thomas is a Software Engineer at Baselime because he is too stubborn to give up on making open telemetry work well for Serverless. He was introduced to Serverless at NearSt after 3 years in the dark building a data platform using Windows servers at BaeSystems. It wasn’t always plain sailing and he still hates DynamoDB for not being as good as MongoDB. When not working, you will find him in a park in south London with his dog.

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