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Season 1 Episode 6 - Why Is Serverless Observability So Hard With AJ Stuyvenberg

Episode Summary

Serverless is taking the world by storm. Despite there being countless blogs, tutorials, and recommended best practices around serverless, there’s shockingly little material on observability. Why? It’s hard! Join AJ and Allen as they talk about the difficulties of observing a serverless application, dive into the differences between KPIs and infrastructure metrics, what the future holds for observability, and more.

About AJ

AJ Stuyvenberg is a Staff Engineer for Serverless APM at Datadog, and has been a member of the Serverless community for 6+ years. He’s an AWS Serverless Hero, serverless meetup organizer, open-source author, and frequently blogs about Serverless topics.

Before Datadog, he was a Principal Engineer at Serverless Inc, the company behind the Serverless Framework.

In his spare time, AJ is an avid BASE jumper and enjoys flying his wingsuit in the Alps.

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