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Season 1 Episode 24 - How IoT is Perfectly Serverless With Rohan Desai

Episode Summary

Have you ever wondered how it works when you tell Alexa to turn off your lights and you’re suddenly sitting in darkness? The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us - from automating smart homes to alerting us when an industrial piece of equipment is malfunctioning. Join Allen and Rohan Desai as they discuss how SmartThings integrates hundreds of devices from different vendors to provide a robust, unified experience for consumers. The duo talk about the serverless nature of IoT and dive into the details of how it all works.

About Rohan

Rohan Desai is a Software Engineering Tech Lead at DoorDash, where he focuses on solving consumer problems at scale. His expertise lies in distributed systems, serverless computing and building Voice User Interfaces in the field of IoT. Prior to DoorDash, he worked at Yahoo and Samsung SmartThings and is also a Senior Member of IEEE. He is passionate about building highly scalable and available systems using serverless. He is also a speaker at conferences like the Samsung Developers Conference.

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