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Season 1 Episode 20 - The Secret Power of Feature Flags With Steve Rice

Episode Summary

Feature flags are much more than on/off switches to hide in-progress features. They separate releases from your deployments. They allow you to slowly roll out features to your user base. They give you access to easy A/B testing. Join Steve and Allen as they talk about the impressive capabilities of AWS AppConfig, a managed service that controls your feature flags and powers many of AWS services. The two go over the types of feature flags, commonly seen anti-patterns, and discuss how to implement them in your code.

About Steve

Steve is Principal Product Manager for AWS AppConfig, which is a feature flagging service that helps engineers move faster and more safely. His career has covered engineering and product management leadership roles at AWS, Coca-Cola, LivingSocial, and AOL, and has been using dynamic configuration to make things move faster for over a decade. He lives in the Northern Virginia area with his wife, kids, and two dogs.

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