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Season 1 Episode 15 - The Business Side of Serverless With Benjamen Pyle

Episode Summary

Serverless services make it incredibly easy to start building. They reduce time to market, improve uptime (generally), and lower overall costs when starting up. But there’s an entire world to consider before going serverless that most of us forget about - business operations. Aside from shifting ownership from hardware to software, you also have roles that need reassignment, an organizational culture to shift, and much more. Join Allen and Benjamen as the two dive into the subject and offer lessons learned from personal experiences in their careers.

About Benjamen

Benjamen Pyle is an energetic and resourceful architect in addition to an AWS Community Builder who has over 20 years of professional software development experience including the most recent 10 as a Cloud Architect. His expertise lies in solving complex business problems through the use of expert problem-solving skills, a deep understanding of the problem domain, and technical know-how to bring secure, reliable, and right-sized solutions to his customers.

As a fan and advocate for Serverless and Event-Driven Architectures, he enjoys sharing what he’s learned at his blog as well as engaging with the Serverless Community in a variety of ways. He’s a strong believer in that no one gets where they’d like to go without the help of others and that software delivery is a team sport.

On a personal side, Benjamen is a husband and a father and views those two titles as the most important in his life. He’s also a proud Terrier Dad to 12 paws. When he’s not writing, coding or engaging with the community, you can find him caddying for his kid’s golf tournaments or enjoying a round with his family.

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