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Season 1 Episode 12 - Finding Your Niche in the Tech Community With Jonah Andersson

Episode Summary

The tech community is not just about networking or acquiring new skills - it’s about discovery and mutual growth brought on by impactful interactions.

Often seen as a mysterious black box, Allen and Jonah dive in to clarify some of the confusion around the tech community. First of all, what is it? How do you start on your own journey? And most importantly, how can you participate and contribute?

Listen as the duo explore this diverse landscape, shedding light on how to get started with the community’s rich potential. They share personal anecdotes from their own tech journeys, provide guidance on connecting with like-minded tech enthusiasts, and highlight the rewarding experiences that stem from active involvement.

About Jonah

Jonah Andersson is a Cloud Infrastructure/DevOps Engineer based in Sweden. With a strong academic background in Computer Science and System Development, Jonah specializes in .NET technologies and has expertise in Microsoft Azure.

As a Microsoft MVP for Azure and a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Jonah has earned a reputation as a leading cloud computing and development expert. She has authored a book on the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure titled Learning Microsoft Azure (O’Reilly Media).

In addition to her technical work, Jonah is a committed and inclusive community leader in the Nordics. She founded and is leading the Azure User Group Sweden, a thriving tech community focused on Azure technology.

Jonah advocates for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the tech industry. She volunteers as a mentor to young women seeking to build careers in tech and is a passionate public speaker on these topics. Jonah is also the co-host of the ExtendWomenInTech Podcast, where she shares inspiration to inspire tech and promote inclusive tech for everyone.

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