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Season 1 Episode 11 - Building Serverless the Right Way With Dax Raad

Episode Summary

Dive into the heart of serverless architecture with the brilliantly unorthodox Dax Raad in this episode of the “Ready, Set, Cloud” podcast. Renowned for his sharp insights and unconventional approach to… everything, Dax brings his perspective to the world of serverless application development. In this conversation, he shares insights on structuring serverless projects, the importance of domain-driven design, and why having the right data boundaries can make all the difference. From his work at SST to his thoughts on the evolution of serverless applications, Dax shares his views of the world of serverless and sheds light on how to build serverless applications the right way.

About Dax

Dax Raad is a creative powerhouse in the serverless space, known for his slightly shocking, highly intelligent tweets that challenge conventional know-how. With a knack for pushing boundaries and sparking thought-provoking conversations, Dax is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of modern application development. His work at SST, a company dedicated to making serverless more accessible and efficient, reflects his coding style and lessons learned from years of programming. Dax also runs a successful podcast and livestream on Twitch, where he educates others on all angles of software development.

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