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Season 1 Episode 10 - A Look Inside the AWS Hero Program With Taylor Jacobsen

Episode Summary

Join Taylor Jacobsen and Allen Helton as they dive into the AWS Heroes Program. Taylor sheds light on what it means to manage this esteemed group of experts and enthusiasts, sharing how she helps them stay connected and motivated. The conversation uncovers the real essence of being an AWS Hero, revealing that there’s no set formula or checklist—it’s about individual impact and influence within the AWS community. The two discuss the differences between the Hero program and the Community Builders, and they share a couple of their favorite stories from the program. Stay tuned until the end when Taylor explains the hero nomination process, a thoughtfully designed, internal system driven by the passion of AWS employees.

About Taylor

Taylor Jacobsen is the Program Manager of the AWS Heroes Program, overseeing a diverse and vibrant group of AWS experts from around the world. In her role, she ensures that these heroes are recognized and supported as they share their knowledge and inspire the wider community. Taylor works closely with AWS employees, ensuring that potential heroes are spotted and nominated throughout the year. Her dedication to maintaining the integrity and impact of the program makes her an integral part of the AWS community

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