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Season 1 Episode 1 - What Is Serverless With Khawaja Shams

Episode Summary

The serverless community is in a heated debate over what constitutes a serverless service. Is it simply abstracting servers away from consumers? Does it include scale to 0? What about cost considerations? All these questions are answered in this talk with Khawaja Shams, co-founder and CEO of Momento. Allen and Khawaja talk shop about the true definition of serverless and how it might evolve in the years to come.

About Khawaja

Khawaja is the co-founder and CEO of Momento, a truly serverless cache. Prior to Momento he ran DynamoDB at AWS and even worked on the Mars Rover! Khawaja is on a mission to spread the true meaning of serverless and bring back the once-powerful definition we all knew and loved.

You can find Khawaja on Twitter and LinkedIn. Or you could summon him if you spin around and say “serverless, serverless, serverless!

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