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The Business Side of Serverless With Benjamen Pyle

Serverless is more than managed services, it’s an entire organizational culture. Join Benjamen Pyle as he talks about his experiences as CTO throughout a serverless migration.

What On Earth Is App Modernization With Alex Kearns

Stumped by cloud migration and app modernization? What’s the difference, and how do you dodge ‘modernization paralysis’? Alex Kearns uncovers the secret strategies of moving to the cloud.

Building Serverless the Right Way With Dax Raad

Ever questioned if there’s a ‘right way’ to build serverless applications? Dax Raad shares how he builds maintainable apps and dives into the processes that make it all work.

A Look Inside the AWS Hero Program With Taylor Jacobsen

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an AWS Hero? Join Taylor Jacobsen as she talks about the inner workings of the program, the unique hero nomination process, and the remarkable impact these heroes make on the global AWS community.

Writing the DynamoDB Book With Alex Debrie

Have you ever wondered what it was like to write one of the most popular books on modern software development? Alex DeBrie tells us all about his creative process, managing imposter syndrome, and teases a new book idea.

Which Is Better, SAM or CDK With Matt Martz

Developers are constantly arguing over which IaC framework is better - SAM or CDK. Which is it? Matt and Allen hash it out in this episode to get to a conclusion once and for all.


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