Serverless Picks of the Week
Issue #3: Tutorial extravaganza

Serverless Superhero

This week our serverless superhero is Jones Zachariah Noel, a cloud architect with specialty in serverless at Mobil80 Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd. He has been an influential motivator in the serverless community, and does a phenomenal job rolling up events and happenings in his newsletter, Everything AWS, Serverless, and Architectures. He is also an active blogger and is a co-host on The Zacs’ Show Talking AWS. Thank you for being so active in the community and spending your time helping keep people informed!


With the exciting news of Lambda function URLs releasing two weeks ago, a bunch of articles describing how to use them came out as well. One of my favorite articles this week was from Arpad Toth where he walks you through in detail how to control access to Lambda function URLs through the two allowed authentication mechanisms, IAM and public.

Lee James Gilmore wrote an amazing in-depth analysis on the Five Serverless Architecture Layers. He gives a real world example with a fictitious company that helps drive understanding at each layer. This post helps drive architectural understanding of building production level serverless applications.

If you are a GraphQL afficionado, Dustin Goodman has created a quick launch service template to get you up and running with GQL and the serverless framework in no time. In his post, he talks about the benefits of using a standardized template and what went into the one he created.


If you’ve been trying to puzzle out how to get your DynamoDB backups cross-region for disaster recovery reasons, Dhiraj Thakur and Juhi Patil have you covered. They wrote a blog on how to use the enhanced backup features for DynamoDB and provide a walkthrough of the AWS console on exactly how to do it.

For those of you who are more of an RDS-type person, Pinesh Singal has you covered. His post describes a way you can save some serious $$$ by turning of your RDS instance for non-critical workloads by using EventBridge and Lambda. It’s a neat way to use serverless as another way to save money.

New Releases

It was a little light last week on the serverless AWS release front. However, there were some great blog posts by AWS in the compute space.

Dan Fox wrote a post on ochestrating high performance computing with AWS Step Functions describing some seriously advanced patterns with Step. He talks about service quote mitigation techniques and provides a complete sample application for you to tinker with.

If you’re into event-driven architecture (EDA) at all, you’ll know how difficult it can be to track schemas of the events flying around your application. Talia Nassi talks about event discovery, schema discovery, and the EventBridge schema registry. It is a must-read for anyone trying to get into EDAs.


With the ever-growing number of ways you can publish a message in AWS, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Maciej Radzikowski has done the hard work for you and has written both a blog post and decision tree to help you make the right decision. His post comes with explanations of each step along the tree and why each AWS service you can use is best for the job. He also explains it all in a twitter thread if that’s your cup of tea.

Last Words

One of the things I love most about the serverless community is that everyone seems to genuinely want to help each other. The influx of tutorials on how to solve problems of all difficulty shows how much we care. Thank you all for your help and your continued support in advancing this amazing technology.

If you’d like to make a recommendation for the serverless superhero or for an article you found especially useful, send me a message on Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.

Happy Coding!


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